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Aquaporin launches podcast series

Aquaporin has recently released its own podcast series titled WATER x FUTURE. The podcast invites you to deep dive into water and all the opportunities and dilemmas it contains, technologies rooted in nature, the purpose of innovation, and the spectrum between science and humans.

In the first two episodes, WATER x FUTURE covers the clean water crisis and innovative solutions to it as well as the link between bottled water consumption and plastic pollution. Future episodes will, amongst others, focus on biomimicry, how water dilemmas are displayed in popular culture, and how water pollution and water scarcity are connected.

WATER x FUTURE is created by Aquaporin from a circular point of view with the intention of sharing knowledge, inspiring, and connecting with their listeners.

Experts share their perspectives in WATER x FUTURE

Episode 1 asks why one in three persons does not have access to safe drinking water when 71 % of the Earth’s surface is covered by water. To answer the question, experts from Aquaporin and State of Green, a Danish not-for-profit, public-private partnership, are invited on the show to give their insights. Together they explain the roots of the clean water crisis and how entrepreneurs and organizations around the world are working to solve it.

Episode 2 investigates the link between bottled water consumption and plastic pollution in collaboration with the CEO of Plastic Change, a Danish environmental organization, who explains how we put an end to the single-use culture and why it should be on the top of our minds.

In future episodes, you can look forward to listening to experts such as Nobel Prize-winner in Chemistry Peter Agre, UN representatives, and Aquaporin CEO Peter Holme Jensen.

Listen to WATER x FUTURE here.

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