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PFAS in my drinking water: What can I do?

Having PFAS in your water is a possibility, and as a consumer, you need to worry as long-time consumption of PFAS’ can harm your body. PFASs are essentially what you call “forever chemicals”. They remain in your body, and if you continue drinking PFAS-contaminated drinking water, the level of PFAS in your body will only accumulate. PFAS contamination decreases fertility and increases blood pressure in pregnant women. Furthermore, a group of Danish experts in PFAS highlighted that PFAS can be transmitted directly from pregnant women to the fetus

As an adult, you must consider your children since exposure to PFAS also shows in children. This is due to children being born with low birth weight, accelerated puberty, bone variations, and behavioral changes, according to the United States Environmental Protection Agency.

The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention outlines that exposure to PFAS can cause cancer, liver damage, and an increased risk of asthma and thyroid disease.

What can I do as a consumer?

If you find PFAS in your drinking water, what can you, as a consumer, do? Your first thought might be to boil the water, but sadly you cannot boil PFAS out of water. So the overall recommendation is to stop using your regular tap water simply unless you install a water purifier that can remove PFAS. 

Aquaporin Inside® uses a biomimetic membrane that combines nature's filtration, the aquaporin proteins, through reverse osmosis, and active carbon to ensure that you, as a consumer, get the best possible drinking water free of contaminants like PFAS, heavy metals, viruses, and bacteria. 

Using an aquaporin protein-based water purifier will ensure you have complete control of the drinking water in your home, while it also helps improve the taste and odor of your tap water. In addition, you and your family are safe from any PFAS harm. 

Drinking tap water is environmentally friendly since you directly help reduce bottled water consumption. According to the European Commission, access to better-quality water can reduce bottled water consumption by 17%. Furthermore, by installing a home water purification system, you can access clean drinking water directly in your home in an environmentally friendly way while keeping you and your family safe from water contamination.

If you want to learn more about PFAS, visit our extensive PFAS page, where you will get to know the Aquaporin solution to the problem.

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