Drinking water

The future is a consistently great taste

A sip of water can taste a million different ways, but in the future, every drop of water can taste equally good, and the flavor of your soft drink, beer, or the like can remain homogenous regardless of what country you are in. It seems like a farfetched dream, but it is a reality much closer than you might think. Join me in this blog post to explore what I call the Aquaporin standard.

By Kim Andersson, Commercial Director, Drinking Water, Aquaporin

When you work with flavors, you want every sip of a juice to taste the same, but when you go abroad and try drinking the exact same brand of juice as you do at home, the flavor can be vastly different. That change of flavor usually boils down to a difference in the water and not in the juice mix.

If you put it into perspective, going to a cinema and grabbing your favorite soft drink can taste different depending on the city you are in. The soft drink consists of syrup and water. And the groundwater used alters everywhere in the world – and that makes the product’s taste change even though the brand name is the same.

At Aquaporin, we are working towards providing the same drinking water flavor in the water we purify around the world. Whether you are sitting in Istanbul, Singapore, Copenhagen, or Los Angeles, our ambition is that drinking a soft drink or a beer will taste the same.

Creating the Aquaporin standard

By having water that is standardized, it’s possible for companies to have the flavor they dream of everywhere and not just where they develop their products. Achieving this goal comes through our carefully developed membranes that ensure water quality and taste remain the same.

Imagine a world where you can enjoy your favorite drink and have it taste exactly as you expect. By standardizing the water, you can also move your production more easily and scale-up without having to worry about your product tasting differently.

Groundwater’s flavor changes everywhere, even within a few miles in a country, but purifying the water through our membranes allows us to switch the varying quality of the water into an Aquaporin-proven standard that creates the best water possible, filtered the way nature intended.

Setting a standard for the future

Kim Andersson, Commercial Director, Drinking water, Aquaporin

Developing a product that allows companies to have complete control of the process and securing the product quality is of the essence to Aquaporin. Imagine being a beverage manufacturer who can trust that the exact flavor of the product is the same in any given market. Not only would it allow more streamlined products, it would also allow brands to expand more rapidly to new markets, knowing the product quality and flavor would be the same as the one bringing in success on the home market. When purifying water with our membranes, this scenario is no longer a dream, but a reality.

If you’re a beverage manufacturer and curious to learn how the Aquaporin standard can create value and opportunities for you, I’ll be looking forward to hearing from you at kad@aquaporin.com.

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