Health and safety:

A safe environment is crucial to Aquaporin’s employees and our daily operations.
We support a safe and healthy work environment for all employees anchored in our occupational safety and health group. We aim to enable our employees to identify unhealthy and unsafe behavior, and we have implemented several initiatives to underline the importance of a safe working environment.
To sustain a safe work environment for all employees at Aquaporin, the following procedures are in place and continue to be improved:

  • All new employees undergo mandatory onboarding safety introduction
  • Working in restricted areas such as the laboratory requires special training
  • Safety inspections are conducted regularly
  • A workplace evaluation including a health and safety risk assessment is conducted every time new processes are initiated
  • Near misses or accidents are tracked. Measures to prevent similar occurrences are logged and checked by the
  • Quality Environmental Health and Safety department and reviewed on top-management level
  • We regularly conduct surveys to assess how Aquaporin can become an even better place to work.

Find our Health and Safety Policy here.

Published on January 22