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Top 3 drinking water trends

In the parts of the world that are fortunate enough to have access to clean drinking water, certain trends are blooming. We have partnered up with water sommelier Milin Patel to give you the lowdown on the three most dominating drinking water trends.

1: Quality

Quality is trending. Anywhere, anytime. Also in tap water consumption where more and more individuals want the water running out of their faucet to be the very best it can be. Safe and soft. Free from contaminants and compounds such as lime that hardens the water. Since tap water is municipally supplied, it can be difficult to take control of its quality. However, some people have found a way to take matters into their own hands.

“If we are unsatisfied with our tap water, we can filter it to improve it. With a water purifier in our house, we can control the water we drink,” water sommelier Milin Patel from Fine Liquids says.

More and more are choosing to filter their tap water. In fact, the global water purifier market size was estimated at 25.71 billion in 2019 and is projected to reach 45 billion by 2027, indicating a significant rise in the demand for water purifiers.

As a water sommelier, Milin has his eyes on the ball when it comes to water trends. Lately, he has seen a rising number of individuals distancing themselves from processed bottled water due to its low quality.

“A number of large companies are taking municipal water to their factories, stripping it from its valuables and artificially adding some of them back into the water again. It’s fake. Like a McDonald’s chicken nugget. It’s processed. But now people are awakening, recognizing these waters for what they are – commercial stunts,” he says.

2: Sustainability

Although consumption of plastic-bottled water has been growing by more than 10 % a year over the last decade, a wave of more responsible voices is gaining ground. In general, the increased awareness of sustainability is naturally infiltrating consumption habits on all levels including how we drink and perceive water.

“More people advocate water, respect water. We cannot rely on commoditized, plastic-bottled water. It is literally killing our planet. Because we are all aware of plastic pollution and how water bottles contribute, I see more people being proud of how they have changed their habits from commoditized plastic bottles to being conscious about what they drink,” Milin says and continues: “The trend is definitely tap water or filtered tap water for hydration and plastic-bottled water only if you have to.”

When people have a choice between sustainable and unsustainable consumption patterns, they hold a power of change in their hands that they are morally bound to live up to. Considering the devastating effect plastic pollution has on the world’s clean water reserves, marine life and eco systems, it is crucial that sustainability is not only trending but becomes an integrated part of everyone’s everyday lives.

3: Health

A rising number of people are paying attention to leading a healthy lifestyle. Not only in terms of being mentally and physically balanced, but also when it comes to what they consume. What they eat and more than ever also what they drink.

For thousands of years, water has been there to quench our thirst, avoid dehydration and ensure we have the strength to get through the day. But now, something has changed.

“People are looking at water as something more than a source of hydration. It’s about appreciating the number one beverage we have on this planet. Water is an experience, it’s a celebration, a lifestyle,” Milin says.

Keeping up with a healthy lifestyle requires safe and healthy water. With the health aspect gaining traction, we recognize water as more than something we need to stay alive – it’s also essential for us to lead a healthy lifestyle.

“Healthy habits of enjoying water are part of a healthy lifestyle today,” Milin says. Today’s water consumption patterns indicate that more and more people are using water as a means to stay healthy, as the global water consumption is steadily increasing.

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