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Meeting the increasing demand for purified drinking water

Universal access to clean drinking water is one of the world's biggest challenges.

In many areas, including Europe and the United States, water resources are at risk and public trust in drinking water is under pressure, leading consumers to seek alternative solutions.

A household water treatment system can be used to fulfill that demand, providing consumers with healthy clean water they can trust, right from their own tap.
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Drinking water

Drinking water purification gives consumers full control

It is virtually impossible for private citizens to influence the quality of their local, municipally supplied drinking water. But by installing water purification systems in their own homes - either at the main line or directly at the tap - consumers can regain control of their drinking water. Globally, mistrust of drinking water and public […]
Drinking water

The pros and cons of popular point-of-use water purification solutions

In this blog we review the pros and cons of four of the most popular water purification solutions of the kind you install directly on or near the tap. Known as point-of-use (PoU) systems, they are easy to use, simple to install and take up little space. Point-of-use (PoU) systems are easy to use, simple […]
Drinking water

How do you get people to choose tap water over bottled water?

We have gathered some people in Denmark to find out. In Denmark we have some of the best drinking water in the world, readily available almost everywhere, but we still consume 100,000,000 bottles of water every year – more than 3 bottles per second. How can that be? According to the World Health Organization, taste […]
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