Drinking water

Hydrate your customers’ imagination with storytelling

Water is much more than a means of hydration. Water sommelier Milin Patel introduces you to the secrets of water storytelling and how you can use it as an advantage in your water purification business.

Whiskey can be cerealy or peaty. Cognac sometimes has a citrus flavor on the nose. Wine is often jammy. But what about water? Is it just…wet?

Although water is an essential brick in the puzzle of life, very few humans have a vocabulary for its flavor. One of them, however, is water sommelier Milin Patel. With finely tuned taste buds and a background in water consultancy, he believes that the storytelling of water has an untapped potential that can spark the imagination of water consumers around the world. And producers of water purifiers can use this to their advantage.

– We have never been educated to describe the taste of water. It was always there just to be a hydration product. But by informing others how wonderful natural water is, we as a society could learn to embrace its value and give it the value it deserves, Milin Patel says. He continues:

– Once you start getting into the storytelling of water, you realize that water is not just for hydration. It’s something that can be enjoyed and discovered with friends and family.

Hydrate the imagination*

A water’s flavor is influenced by various components. Chlorine, of course, has a huge impact on the taste. But calcium, magnesium, potassium, alkalinity, bicarbonate and iron also affect the taste profile and complexity of the water.

The flavors of water originate from the water’s journey through the geology and how it is treated before it ends up in the glass. According to Milin Patel, water can taste citrussy, salty, earthy or milky and be soft or hard on the palate. Just like wine.

– I have no superpowers when it comes to water. The flavors are genuine. They are subtle, but they’re there. Be mindful when you drink water, enjoy it at room temperature, and you’ll start tasting the nuances, says Milin Patel.

However, water lacks the fairy tale element that other liquids have long been taking advantage of. Storytelling helps build interest around the product and can be utilized in an effort to stand out against other players in the drinking water membrane industry.

– It’s all about hydrating the imagination by bringing the fairy tale into the story. I find it very difficult telling a fairy tale about a drink that is made in a factory, but with water it is much easier, says Milin Patel.

Make your brand stand out

Whether the water has been treated deep under a volcano or is fed through an interesting water membrane, there is a potential for effective storytelling which can set your brand apart from other water purifier companies, according to Milin Patel:

– Be mindful with water, respect it and think of ways you as a company can do to celebrate water. Don’t look at it as just a hydration product. It is more than that.

Use Aquaporin Inside® to improve your storytelling

Milin Patel’s own company, Fine Liquids, uses Aquaporin Inside® water purification in their range of water products. 

The Aquaporin Inside® Drinking Water Membranes are the only drinking water membranes in the world to use aquaporins – nature’s own water filters – to purify water. This sparks a range of storytelling opportunities as it changes taste, removes chlorine and provides more confidence in regard to drinking tap water. It allows for improving tap water at home, often bringing a dramatically new taste and mouthfeel – with help from nature.

If you are interested in knowing more about how storytelling can help hydrate the imagination and bring new life to your marketing effort, meet Ed Renner, VP of Brand and Marketing at Aquaporin. He will give you concrete marketing tips which you can put into action when using Aquaporin Inside® Drinking Water Membranes in your marketing efforts. Download the video here.

*’Hydrate the imagination’ is trademarked by Milin Patel, Fine Liquids UK

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